Norfolk Charity Opens Pop-Up Shops in Shipping Containers

Posted 14 Jul 2017

Using shipping containers for a series of pop-up charity shops provided the perfect solution for a major construction company with a commitment to helping its local hospice.

RG Carter, which operates across the UK, wanted to support the Priscilla Bacon Hospice with its first pop-up shop.

Martyn Gibson, Director says:
“I first got the idea for using shipping containers from a shopping centre in London where they have created small shops in one area. We also needed to find a location where there were already welfare facilities close by. The site in Drayton, Norfolk was ideal as there were already passing visitors and significant footfall.

I’d also seen a couple of Portable Space container conversions and so we had a meeting and the team produced some CAD drawings for our shop."

He continues:
“Once we decided to go ahead, the unit was prefabricated offsite and then fitted out internally once in position, with wall panelling, lighting and flooring. In fact, once you are inside, you wouldn’t know the difference from a conventionally constructed building. It was also ready and delivered by Portable Space’s own transport within two weeks which is a really short lead-time.

The team at Portable Space was very helpful and understood quickly what we needed. A second unit has been delivered recently.”

The Priscilla Bacon Hospice is dedicated to developing end of life and palliative care for Norfolk, enhancing and integrating existing end of life services and supporting the highest quality care for patients and their families.

Priscilla Bacon Open Shop in Shipping Container
The Priscilla Bacon Hospice open a pop-up shop in a shipping container

Outside and Inside the Charity Shipping Container Shop
Outside and Inside the charity shipping container shop in Norfolk

by Mark Dolman