Container & Cabin Safety

Health and Safety Commitment

Health & Safety

We are committed to creating a safe working environment for all our employees and our customers, to complying with local regulations and to empowering everyone in our organisation to achieve the highest level of safety.

We are continually investing in new equipment and developing new products that will further enhance on-site safety for both our customers and our staff. If you would like further safety information including full risk assessments and method statements relating to our products, please contact us.

We have produced some safety guidelines relating to the use of our products please select one of the links below: 

Risk Assessments

We take our Health and Safety obligations very seriously. If you would like any help with any safety or operational issues, please contact us.

Cabin Maintenance

Loading and unloading Plant, Containers and Cabins

Flatpack Cabins and Containers

Welfare Duties

All our products are designed to help you as a site manager meet you responsibilities under the Construction (Design Management) Regulation 2015 to provide minimum welfare facilities for site workers, including:

  • - Adequate toilet and washing facilities
  • - Adequate rest areas (well heated, lit and ventilated)
  • - Place to warm food, boil water for hot drinks
  • - Place to store and dry clothing

For further details on your responsibilities please refer to the following web sites which are very helpful:

(HSE) Welfare at Work - General Guidance

(HSE) Welfare at Work - Fixed and Transient Construction Sites

Time and time again Portable Space have helped us set up site requirements quickly and efficiently. They have firmly established themselves as the local company who understands our needs.

Gerry Bamonte
Senior Project Manager
Crest Nicholson, Eastern Region