Shipping Container Buy Back & Part Exchange

Part Exchange Shipping Containers -  Container Exchange

If you are buying a new cabin or container from Portable Space and replacing an existing cabin or container we can usually part exchange the container (subject to access, condition and location), please take some photos of the container and its location, and discuss with the business development advisor when you contact us for a quotation.

Selling Shipping Containers
If you are looking to sell a container, Portable Space buy back containers of all types and sizes whether or not it was supplied by us. Please email photos, together with a description of the condition, details of any damage, site postcode, and whether the doors operate correctly. With this information we can normally offer you a price to collect and remove the container by return, although in some circumstances we might need to carry out a site visit as the offer is subject to access, condition and location. For very old containers we offer a container scrappage service where we collect the old shipping container for recycling. The price that we can offer for containers will depend on location and construction type.

Removal of Shipping Containers from Industrial buildings and Warehouses
We also specialise in the removal of large quantities of shipping containers from warehouses, typically on behalf of document storage or self storage companies. We provide all equipment and necessary health and safety documentation before starting work. Removal is usually done using a container forklift or HIAB equipped lorry. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Clearance of Self Storage Sites and Container Part Exchange
Many self-storage sites have been in the UK market for more than 10 years. Now we are finding many clients wish to exchange older tired / faded containers for new ones. With our fleet of modern and well-equipped HIAB lorries and container forklifts, together with our experience in containers we are your ideal partner.

Please contact us at to discuss how we might help.

A fabulous service and we were very impressed. On behalf of the Headteacher and Governors of Westley Middle we would like to thank everyone so much for all the hard work they did in the incredibly fast turnaround required to accommodate the extra children we were expecting.

Dianne Everett
Business Manager
Westley Middle School