8ft x 8ft Steel Store for Hire

8ft x 8ft Steel Store
8ft x 8ft Steel Store
8ft x 8ft Steel Store
8ft x 8ft Steel Store

General Specifications

Doors: 2

Variations: 2 Locking Bars or 1 Locking Bar + Fitted Lock. (Galvanised Bars)

Cubic capacity: 15.1 cubic meters / 561 cubic feet (approx)

Tare weight: 715kg / 1,573lbs

Structure: Steel doors, sides, frame, and understructure, with wooden or steel floor.

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Construction Type: Storage containers
Size: 20ft x 8ft, 8ft x 7ft
20ft one trip : Site Store
Tare Weight: 715kg / 1573lbs
Cubic Capacity: 15.1 cubic metres / 561 cubic feet (approx)
Body Thickness: 1.6/2.0mm
Lockbox: N/A
Body Material: Steel

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