Large Flat Pack Office (6m x 2.3m) for Sale

Large Flat Packed Cabin 6m Assembled
Large 6 metre Flat Packed Cabin
Large flatpack cabin as delivered
Flatpack cabin unwrapped
6m flatpacked cabin doors and windows
Partially built flatpack cabin
Adding a window to flatpacked cabin
Flatpacked cabin under construction
Inside flatpacked cabin
Completed flatpack cabin build

The all new large 6m flat pack office is here. We are sure you will be impressed with this unique product. This is the only 20ft cabin on the market that is completely man-portable.


  • Size: 6m x 2.3m
  • DIY assembly 
  • No cranes necessary 
  • No specialist tools required to build 
  • Fast assembly time 
  • Robust but lightweight construction 
  • Ideal for inaccessible areas 
  • Can be stacked Link cabins together to form larger spaces 
  • Fully insulated 
  • Galvanized steel construction 
  • Vinyl floor covering 
  • Double glazed windows 
  • Electric pack available 
  • Window guards available 
  • Stacking kit available


Construction Type: Flatpack Cabins and Containers
20ft one trip : Flatpack Office
External Length: 6020mm
Size: 6m x 2.3m
External Height: 2590mm
External Width: 2305mm
Door Height: 1860mm
Door Width: 800mm

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